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Fighting for Freedom - Don't fall into the trick of comparing

God is continually calling us into a greater place of freedom. But it's our decision to walk in that freedom. One thing that I have had to learn is to stop comparing my walk to that of others journey's. We can easily base our own success on how successful someone else is with their issues. It's easy to think that we're doing better than the person next to us. Often, our issues don't seem to bad compared to others. But we will only ever live in a self perceived freedom which is based on how the people around us are doing. We need to concern ourselves less by how people around us are living their lives.

What we should be doing is comparing our lives to Christ by using his life as a reflection into our own lives. He is the author and finisher of our faith. The perfect spotless one. For example, in dealing with our own unforgiveness, instead of looking around at others and whether they have forgiven or not, lets look at how Jesus acted out on forgiveness. Even on the cross, Jesus asked the Father to forgive the people who were responsible for crucifying him. He modelled abundant grace to us.

My point here is that we will never work through our stuff as long as we worry about those around us. God is the only one who can lead us into a place of freedom. And he does it in a graceful way. Not a condemning way, but through a loving conviction. So let's mirror our lives on Christ. As we do this, sin in our lives will be brought to the surface and we will be able to deal with it. God desires to take our hands and walk through our stuff with us. In fact, he even wants to take it from us and leads us into the path of freedom.

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