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Our men’s ministry is headed up by a team led by Morne Redlynhuys

We believe that it is so important for men to grow in their faith together. God has placed some responsibility on men in society, marriage, the family and the church and so we want to encourage and support our men as we grow up in Him Eph 4. To this end we get together to spur one another on as iron sharpens iron.


During the year we will host a few breakfasts where we get the chance to eat good manly food, drink strong coffee and pray for one another. We have played paintball because no matter how old you are, most guys still like to shoot stuff… and one another!

Around Father’s Day each year we go to the House of Resurrection children’s home to spend some time with the children there and just for a day, show them what godly men and fathers look like.

We are aiming for a men’s camp next year and are intentional about building bridges in our society by partnering with other churches to have an impact for the Kingdom.

To enquirer get involved, please contact Morne Redlinghuys. 

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