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Poverty is more complicated than we often think.  It can involve any combination of material, financial, social, psychological & physiological issues & the causes can range from it being imposed by societal systems, to “life happens” situations to bad lifestyle choices.  At the Ubomi Obutsha Centre we work with all of these aspects and issues.


Our initial support begins with a handout of some kind (eg: food parcel) but we do not subscribe to a mindset of endless handouts.  In order to continue receiving material benefits from the UOC, beneficiary families need to remain committed to:

  1. Participating regularly in our developmental activities

  2. Reigning in destructive habits activities

  3. Demonstrating commitment to improving their own lives

Assessed & registered families benefit from our full intervention & developmental programme, implemented by 12 full-time staff & a variety of volunteers, & which includes:

  • Assisting with Basic Needs - food parcels, clothing, household items, etc

  • Family Development - family focussed interactive workshops & Family Days

  • Education Support - ECD educare, school stationery, uniforms, tutoring, life skills, etc

  • Social & Spiritual Support - specialist referrals, access to government support services, 1-on-1 counselling, encouraging devotions, etc

  • Self-Sustainability - home food gardens, work readiness, micro-business set-up & early mentoring

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One year support commitment

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